Tourism website design

Why should you design a travel website?

Help build brand image

Owning a beautiful travel web design, full of accurate and scientific information will help you build the perfect brand image, bringing the brand deep into the customer's brain.

Increase competitive advantage in the market

Owning a travel website will help you improve your competitiveness with your competitors, have the opportunity to expand and capture the online market.

Easily manage customer booking data

The trend of booking tours online is gradually taking the throne. Therefore, owning a travel agency website design helps you easily manage customer booking data in the most perfect way.

Categorize travel websites

Depending on the nature of use, the purpose and wishes of the owner. Tourism website will be built and developed in many different forms.

Website for tour booking, booking

Website to book tours for the purpose of online business (selling tours) online. Therefore, all the details on the interface must best support this operation. Most of the interface will prioritize the appearance of information about tours, itineraries, prices and many options. However, the information that supports and has a positive impact on the decision to "close the tour" also needs to be arranged flexibly and delicately.

Website introducing travel agencies

Owning a professional introductory website means that the reputation and brand awareness of the travel company is also significantly promoted. Potential partners can easily reach out and contact you in a more proactive manner. Customers also have a solid basis to make the choice to use the service.

Website review, travel news

Websites of this type always have very high requirements for storing huge amounts of data, regularly updating information and towering customer access. Therefore, the website needs to be handled with the strictest techniques to ensure page load speed and safety; security during operation. And an indispensable element is the special positions for the purpose of advertising sales.

Outstanding Service

Greensoft helps you to own the model news website design Impressive, professional, SEO standard, user experience optimization, easy access to content.

Website Design Professional News, Beautiful Interface

Interface designed specifically for the travel industry

We design a separate interface for the travel industry, modern and professional, especially the technology that displays sharp images to attract users from the first time they visit.

Website friendly to all mobile devices

Currently, the trend of users using smartphones to surf the web, book tours, book rooms,... Therefore, Greensoft designs beautiful and friendly travel websites with all mobile devices from phones, ipads, .. . to laptop, PC,..., optimize user experience.

Quick content update

Administrators have the right to add, remove, modify information on the website to suit their wishes, update information daily, hourly quickly without knowing web design or website programming.

Design SEO Optimized Travel Website System

Custom SEO made easy

A professional, SEO-standard travel website will help you get more Organic Traffic from search engines because it has the ability to rank higher in the Google results page.

Effective multi-channel advertising

Professional travel website design at Greensoft is supported with multi-channel connection such as Website, Facebook, ... and high-performance management. We'll make your product available to customers across Google, syncing it to Facebook and Messenger.

Get a quote on a travel website

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Frequently asked questions

Greensoft offers 3 web packages with separate costs and features suitable for each customer: BASIC – PRO – VIP. Depending on your needs, purposes and investment budget, you can choose the right web package for your business. Greensoft team is always ready to support and advise you to choose the most suitable package.

Currently, Greensoft has a lot of prices suitable for each budget and business goal of many customers.

To register for an online teaching web design at Greensoft, please call the hotline 0984056777 Or leave your information below, we will contact you as soon as possible!

When designing a package news website at Greensoft, customers will be handed a full set of web code.

Immediately after handing over the website, we will guide you to use the tools in the website in the most detailed way.

Hello friends, now is the time of the epidemic and the tourism industry is facing a lot of difficulties. However, you should orient the tourism industry according to the trend of the epidemic period. Because, the online time of your potential customers in the future is a lot. Your investment in the travel web is an online marketing investment. This will help you quickly reach potential customers in the future. Although they haven't used your services yet, you are now building a brand into the mindset of potential customers. This will help you get customers when the economy recovers.

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