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Over 5 years of establishment and development with a team of graphic designers, talented, creative and experienced programmers in the field of website design. Greensoft Technology Joint Stock Company is proud and always appreciated when bringing customers high-end websites with impressive design style.

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We help you create a website with the best quality

Website Yours is the most important component of your marketing strategy. It serves as the hub of all your online activities. That's where you will make money, or lose money. We design the websites that help you generate the most conversions. We do this by providing an attractive design, an interface that works on any computer, mobile, tablet device and is user-friendly.

Professional web design

The most modern technology

Why should you choose our professional web design service?

You can contact us at: 0984 056 777 Or fill in the information below and we will contact you shortly!...


Provide websites suitable for all industries, all business fields

Working process

With an 8-step process, work professionally and ensure progress

Identify the problem

Survey and clarify scope of requirements for Website design and construction.


Analysis and consulting solutions, technology... to realize the requirements.

Propose ideas

Synthesize ideas, propose implementation plans and make competitive quotes.


Finalize the implementation plan. Negotiate and sign contracts with customers. Introduction of project implementation personnel of the two sides.

Build prototypes

Executing prototype development. Connect, continuously update project progress directly to customers daily.

Test & feedback

Test run the system. Synthesize feedback, suggestions... edit and optimize in accordance with reality.


Putting the website into operation and exploitation. Effective tracking and maintaining stability.


User manual. Support system upgrade to meet new technology and trends.


Committed to no costs, bringing success in your online field


Web display
Storage capacity
Business email
Device compatibility
Standard SEO
SSL Security
Live Chat
Year of use
Handing over Source code


VND 3,000,000
According to the modified website template
Free international domain name
.com, .net
2 GB
One language
Standard SEO + SEO Tools
one year


VND 6,000,000
Choose a template and edit
Free international domain name
.com, .net
3 GB
Two languages
Standard SEO + SEO Tools
one year


12,000,000 VND
Exclusive design
as required
Free domain name
.com, .net or .vn,
5 GB
Two or more languages
Standard SEO + SEO Tools
2 years


Exclusive design
as required
Free domain name
.com, .net or .vn,
5 GB


All you need to do is focus on your product, reach customers online, let us take care of it

Fast design time

Within 1-2 weeks after you have selected the appropriate interface and have enough content. Our team will deploy within a week to complete the preliminary demo, then you will be able to correct the unsatisfactory complaints, the editing time is 1 week after viewing the demo.

Applying advanced technology

Greensoft always learns and applies the most advanced technologies on the Internet, ensuring your Website is always beautiful, the effects are smooth, and impresses customers accessing the Website.

Full of necessary functions

Whether you are a sales shop, a service business, a restaurant, a hotel, or any other field, the Website is always full of features to meet all industry requirements, so that reaching your customers is simple. simplest. Customer experience on the Website is always optimal

Professional support

24/7 online support directly via Hotline or on the integrated Live Chat, ensuring your Website always works stably. Save your time and cost.

More than 5 years of experience

Greensoft consists of dynamic young people with high creativity and aesthetic sensitivity, with long-term design experience in all industries. You can contact us for a free consultation, as long as you want to develop on the Internet, not necessarily Website.

User-friendly interface

Standard SEO interface, very easy to get to TOP google, rated as Google's PAGE SPEED standard. Apply the latest technology to display standards on all screen sizes.

The largest and most popular CMS

Built on open source WordPress is the world's most popular source code. You can easily manage layout changes without knowing any programming. Easy to upgrade with source code handed over to any other unit.

Optimize with search engines

(SEO) is an indispensable feature in the process of website design. Our website is always SEO 100% standard, even if it is the smallest package or just a Landing Page, in addition, it is also accompanied by Google SEO tools and related documents to help you easily Rank Google.

Professional interface - Modern

Update the latest styles and Optimize on mobile devices (Responsive Design), fully display information on mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Windows phone, android...)

Lifetime warranty

Free warranty Website throughout the period of use, in addition, if you want to upgrade or change we will guide you wholeheartedly, if it is more difficult (within 1-2 hours), we will help you complete it. free refund.

Lots of apps included

We will integrate completely free for you the tools you really need for your online business, such as: Live Chat, Facebook chat, SSL Security, Submit sitemap google...

Full ownership of the website

You completely have a Website to backup data or Clone to have a new website for new business activities without any additional costs.

Website Greensoft designed is always integrated with tools to support writing standard SEO articles. Help the website achieve high rankings based on keywords, display the most standard google search results.

The cost of website design depends on the requirements of each customer, Package price from 3,000,000 VND basic level, to 7,000,000 VND or more. 

Greensoft warranties during the time customers use the website

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