News website design

News website design needs

Individuals and organizations make news websites for business purposes and make profits

Through useful and practical information for readers, your website will get high hits. Of course, you absolutely profit from the ads on your news website.

Agencies and organizations want to build a specialized news site

Agencies and organizations want to make news websites to provide useful information to internet users besides the traditional newspaper form.

Businesses want to communicate, attract target customers

Businesses want to provide information to attract a large number of target customers, support brand promotion, and improve business efficiency in the online market.

Outstanding Service

Greensoft helps you to own the model news website design Impressive, professional, SEO standard, user experience optimization, easy access to content.

Website Design Professional News, Beautiful Interface

Interface designed specifically for the news industry

Greensoft is committed to launching news website designs with eye-catching, well-organized interfaces, reasonable layouts, harmonious colors according to the brand, keeping up with modern web trends.

Website friendly to all mobile devices

The trend of reading newspapers and reading news by phone is very popular nowadays. Therefore, Greensoft launched friendly news websites, Responsive standards, compatible with all mobile devices, from phones, tablets to laptops, PCs, ...

Quick content update

Administrators have the right to add, remove, modify information on the website to suit their wishes, update information daily, hourly quickly without knowing web design or news web programming.

Website Design System News Optimized SEO Standard

Custom SEO made easy

Standard SEO website platform, optimizing visibility on search engines. Websites designed by Greensoft will be guaranteed by Google's evaluation standards, helping to improve website rankings on search results pages.

Effective multi-channel advertising

News website design at Greensoft is supported with multi-channel connection with social media platforms... and high performance management. We'll make your information available to customers across Google.


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Frequently asked questions

Web news is an online information site, which provides, shares and updates information/events happening around the world quickly, instantaneously, continuously to the target audience. Internet users. If you are doing business in this field, you must have a professional news website design.

Time to complete professional news website design at Greensoft: Ranging from 7-10 days, depending on the simplicity or complexity of the website

To register for an online teaching web design at Greensoft, please call the hotline 0984056777 Or leave your information below, we will contact you as soon as possible!

When designing a package news website at Greensoft, customers will be handed a full set of web code.

Immediately after handing over the website, we will guide you to use the tools in the website in the most detailed way.

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