Beauty salon website design

Beautiful professional beauty salon website interface

Outstanding features for beauty salon website

Website design SEO standard beauty salon

Fully functional

Home page

Feel free to express the concept style of your business


Update information, mission as well as operational experience

Products - Services

A place to update products and services provided to customers


Share experiences with useful knowledge

Care support

Customer care connection page anytime, anywhere

Work effectively

Website standard SEO

Provide easy-to-customize SEO support tools

Eye-catching interface

Interface with beautifully designed layouts and colors

Easy management

User-friendly intuitive service content management

Flexible decentralization

Check the working efficiency of departments

Simple customization

Easily update according to the needs and size of the business

Marketing activities

Social Network

Link with social networking system to connect customers everywhere


Easy integration with third-party advertising programs

Email Marketing

Take care of reminding customers through reminders and reminder emails

Chatbot - Live chat

Right on the website system, customers can interact with the business at any time

Call Center

Multi-channel customer care system with 24/7 support

Feature pack

SSL Security

Protect customer and company information and data

Commercial Hosting

Fast data processing provides accurate information

Standard Responsive

Displays well on all mobile devices, from phones, laptops to ipads, PCs,...

Unlimited bandwidth

Super fast website access speed with unlimited bandwidth

Concurrent access level

Allow a large number of visitors without affecting speed

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Frequently asked questions

If your web needs are small and your investment budget is limited, you can choose a web design package that integrates basic features to build your brand. For units with large usage needs and investment funds, you can refer to the high-end web design package to serve different business purposes.

Greensoft is committed to customer information security, website data safety with periodic data backup once every 7 days and installation of SSL domain security certificate for your website.

To register for an online teaching web design at Greensoft, please call the hotline 0984056777 Or leave your information below, we will contact you as soon as possible!

When designing a package news website at Greensoft, customers will be handed a full set of web code.

Immediately after handing over the website, we will guide you to use the tools in the website in the most detailed way.

Absolutely OK. Whenever customers have a need to upgrade the web to a higher version, Greensoft is ready to support and you can rest assured because 100% data will be preserved, 100% links on search engines are preserved. , does not affect web rankings.

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