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Drive revenue through hotel website

Expanding customer files, helping to reach more potential customers

The shopping trend of users is gradually shifting to the online channel, so reaching potential customers on the internet through the hotel website is inevitable.

Increase operational efficiency for advertising channels

Thanks to stability and security, all online advertising activities are website-centered. Professional website design will increase SEO efficiency and ad conversions.

Increase the prestige of the hotel

Owning a luxury hotel website contributes to increasing prestige in the eyes of customers

24/7 Customer Care Support

Customers can view and request advice at any time, and you can also advise customers 24/7 right on the website.

Outstanding Service

Greensoft helps you to own the model hotel website design Impressive, professional, SEO standard, user experience optimization, easy access to content.

Luxury And Professional Hotel Web Design

Interface designed specifically for the hotel industry

The hotel web interface is considered the face of the whole website. Therefore, Greensoft helps you to get a beautiful, professional hotel web design, creating excitement for users right from the first visit.

Website friendly to all mobile devices

Hotel web design is friendly to all mobile devices, from phones, laptops to ipads, PCs,... to help optimize the user experience.

Fast product and content updates

Administrators have the right to add, remove, modify information on the website to suit their needs, update products quickly without knowing web design or hotel web programming.

Hotel Website Design Supports Maximum SEO

Custom SEO made easy

Standard SEO website platform, optimizing visibility on search engines. Websites designed by Greensoft will be guaranteed by Google's evaluation standards, helping to improve website rankings on search results pages.

Install a free SSL certificate

Using SSL security protocol for hotel website design will be considered by Google as an important measure of hotel website ranking. Coming to Greensoft, customers will be able to install SSL for free.

Effective multi-channel advertising

Hotel website design at Greensoft is supported with multi-channel connection with social media platforms... and high performance management. We'll make your information available to customers across Google.

Important Functions When Designing Hotel Websites

Reservation system / hotel booking

Users can book a room online through an available form with essential information such as room type, number of people, number of rooms booked, check-in time, check-out time, ....

Professional hotel website interface

Greensoft helps you get a beautiful, professional and impressive hotel web design.

Hotel website management system

Easily customize the interface, upload introductory content, activities, company events in a simple and attractive way without knowing programming or design.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Greensoft design hotel website with SEO standard, comprehensive search engine optimization, easy to optimize SEO factors to help hotel restaurant website get high rankings on search rankings.


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Frequently asked questions

Important functions when designing a hotel website
With each specialized website system will be integrated with its own functions. Each industry has a different business characteristics, and in order to optimize those particular industry personalities, Greensoft integrates the most optimal functions into your website.
For hotel - Resort website will have the following special functions:
Hotel reservation system
It is an important function that has the most optimal support for the hotel's business operations. The website is integrated with a smart booking system, making it easy to open and close the room. The step-by-step booking process is simple and clear, guests can immediately pay for the room through the most modern online payment systems.

Website management system

A modern administration system but simple operation and easy to manage will bring the most convenience to customers. Greensoft has optimized the administration system so that it is easiest to use while still ensuring professionalism. Administrators can add/remove/delete/edit information on the website according to specific plans.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimizing SEO for the website is always a requirement that Greensoft always focuses on when implementing its website design projects. We optimize website architecture and links for search engines right from the start. The links are very search engine friendly (especially Google).

Greensoft is committed to customer information security, website data safety with periodic data backup once every 7 days and installation of SSL domain security certificate for your website.

To register for an online teaching web design at Greensoft, please call the hotline 0984056777 Or leave your information below, we will contact you as soon as possible!

When designing a package news website at Greensoft, customers will be handed a full set of web code.

Immediately after handing over the website, we will guide you to use the tools in the website in the most detailed way.

Absolutely OK. Whenever customers have a need to upgrade the web to a higher version, Greensoft is ready to support and you can rest assured because 100% data will be preserved, 100% links on search engines are preserved. , does not affect web rankings.

In the current era of strong development of technology 4.0, creating a professional website is extremely important and necessary, especially for hotels because wesbite is a free and sustainable brand advertising channel for hotels. friend. Besides, the website helps businesses reach thousands of customers not only in one area but also across the country, even abroad.

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