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Online learning has become a popular trend around the world today, and of course educational institutions in Vietnam also do not want to miss a good opportunity to attract more and more students. To meet the increasing needs of our partners, we are proud to bring our customers the latest and most powerful technologies!

Why is the demand for online learning website design increasing?

Knowledge is never enough for a successful person, while the time cannot exceed 24 hours a day, moreover the time for each job, each activity in everyday life is also different, precisely because However, fixing a time to go to class becomes more difficult than ever for those who cannot arrange their personal time, and the solution online learning website design was born to help solve all problems for learners.

With an online learning website, learners no longer have to worry about the following issues:

Favorable tuition fees

The cost of the course is reduced because there is no need to rent space, money to maintain facilities...

Active time

With an online learning website, learners can take the initiative in their study time, because most of the lectures are recorded by video.

Study anywhere

Students do not spend time traveling to the study location, can study anywhere with just a technology device with an internet connection.

Various courses

With an online learning website, students can participate in many different courses, in many different fields.

We bring you the solution online learning website design at Greensoft

There are plenty of other course channels and marketplaces that can make it easy for you to post your courses and sell them, and they're completely free so why would you need to design your own e-learning website! If you are a lecturer with a long-term mindset in building your own name to develop many other paths in the future.

Building a Mobile-Friendly E-Learning Website

More convenient for customers

Greensoft is committed to creating responsive, responsive online learning web designs that are friendly to all mobile devices, screen sizes and operating systems, optimizing user experience.

Using smartphones to participate in online learning

Users tend to use smartphones to look up information, learn and register for courses. With online learning at Greensoft, you can do it with just a device with an internet connection.

Multilingual web helps to reach many customers

When making online teaching websites, Greensoft always integrates multiple languages, helping training institutions to reach many domestic and foreign customers.

Website Design Online Learning Maximum Support For SEO

Custom SEO made easy

Greensoft design SEO standard online learning website right from the design stage, web structure friendly with search engines. You can easily customize title tags, descriptions, and URLs in the web.

SSL Security Certificate

Greensoft supports the installation and integration of a free SSL certificate, keeps the website secure and helps the web to be highly appreciated by Google and ranked at the top of the rankings.

High speed website

Page loading speed has a significant impact on user actions. Greensoft is committed to making an online learning website with a fast, stable and smooth page load speed, making users stay on the web to explore information.

Website design for online learning

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Frequently asked questions

To have a complete website, you need to fully meet 3 basic factors: Domain name, hosting and content. Domain name is the web address to distinguish this website from other web sites on the Internet, hosting is the place to store all website data, the content is the information and data (text, images, videos, ...) you want to introduce. introduce / convey to readers about your business as well as its products / services.

In terms of information security, customers are completely assured because the web is stored on the best server system, backing up data regularly and continuously, multi-layer security, avoiding intrusion. of hackers and ensure stable and smooth operation.

To register for an online teaching web design at Greensoft, please call the hotline 0984056777 Or leave your information below, we will contact you as soon as possible!

Is a method of virtual learning through a networked device to a server in another place where electronic lectures and necessary software are stored to be able to ask/request/problem for students to learn online from distant.

  • Convenience and flexibility
  • Save time
  • Cheaper tuition
  • Appropriate rest time (due to external influences)
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