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Bringing the best solution for all businesses who want to own a website to introduce their company, website to promote products/services and build business brands on an effective online platform.

Reasons to design a business website

Benefits for businesses when having a website


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Working process

With an 8-step process, work professionally and ensure progress

Identify the problem

Survey and clarify scope of requirements for Website design and construction.


Analysis and consulting solutions, technology... to realize the requirements.

Propose ideas

Synthesize ideas, propose implementation plans and make competitive quotes.


Finalize the implementation plan. Negotiate and sign contracts with customers. Introduction of project implementation personnel of the two sides.

Build prototypes

Executing prototype development. Connect, continuously update project progress directly to customers daily.

Test & feedback

Test run the system. Synthesize feedback, suggestions... edit and optimize in accordance with reality.


Putting the website into operation and exploitation. Effective tracking and maintaining stability.


User manual. Support system upgrade to meet new technology and trends.

Outstanding Service

Cost effective

Regardless of the web design needs, the decisive motive is still a lot of cost savings. Many accompanying incentives help limit the cost of the business but still get the highest efficiency.

Easy-to-manage interface

A modern and convenient content management system, while optimizing data to be more suitable for all devices. Make it easy to update and manage the content on your website.

Compatible with all devices

Web design with responsive technology helps the website to automatically adapt on all devices, promoting its full power.

SEO Optimization

Optimal page layout and structure, effective in SEO on all devices, helping the website to rank high on search engines.

Enhance the experience

We always design user-friendly websites that help maximize conversion rates and increase sales for your business.

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Frequently asked questions

Business website acts as an office on the Internet - a place to introduce products, services, information and images about the business to consumers.

That office is open 24/7 and allows your customers to access anywhere, anytime to find information, view, buy your products and services. Website can be considered as the face of the business, the place to welcome and transact with customers and partners on the Internet.

In order for your website to work on the Internet, you need to buy a Domain Name (web address), hosting (where web data is stored), SSL security certificate, etc., and prepare other related content and information. at the request of the web designer. Choosing a package design service at Greensoft, you will not need to worry too much about those complicated issues.

Creating a business website is quite simple, but to ensure the best quality of the web, after 7-10 days Greensoft will hand over the complete website to the customer.

Websites designed at Greensoft are guaranteed for life. In the process of using the website, if you encounter any problems / difficulties, customers will be answered and supported by the Greensoft team 24/7.

With a strict multi-layer security system, installation of SSL security certificates on the web, Greensoft is committed to protecting your website, protecting business information as well as your customer information at the highest level so you can completely You can rest assured to design websites at Greensoft Technology Joint Stock Company.

All website templates of GREENSOFT are used the most advanced Responsive technology that allows good display of information on both PC and mobile devices. So your website will be displayed well on computers, mobile devices and tablets.

In order for the Website to achieve a high position on the search engines, you need to optimize the Website (also known as doing SEO). That is, the Website must:

  1. Search engine friendly
  2. Website content must be valuable and useful to users.
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