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Real estate 4.0 era

Among the countless names in the real estate market, are you really satisfied with your website's search rankings? Real estate website design not difficult but get the page SEO-standard real estate website, stable operation, attractive interface, efficiency as evidenced by the constant increase in revenue results is still the concern of many businesses and individuals. Are you one of them?

Optimal solutions for the real estate business

Real estate website design, elements “important” in the real estate business

Real estate website design is a factor "importance" So what is it? – Real estate website is one of the best tools to effectively advertise real estate for businesses, as well as create interaction with customers today. Anytime customers have a need can search through your website.

Real estate website design Professional is currently very interested in real estate investors. The real estate industry is one of the hot and unique industries. Hence the work real estate web design need to meet those characteristics in a website. Help promote the projects of the business as well as bring the necessary information to customers. In addition, having a Professional real estate website and beauty is also one of the important factors that create customers' trust in the business.

Real estate website has a special "dual" role, both as an important item in online marketing strategies and as a simple and effective sales tool. Countless tangible costs of the Offline market will be minimized. Instead, there is a 24/7 online online "store", always ready to welcome and serve. 

No matter where the customer is located, no matter what job and at any time, they will find you. Get to know, visit, be impressed and increase the real conversion rate of your real estate website by becoming an official customer.  

Imagine, your company's name is almost lost or reserved in the back groups, 80% customers may not know of your presence. Remember that a beautiful website is not enough, a good real estate website is a website that really brings practical effects to investors.  

Choosing a real estate website design unit is like "choosing to send gold". Unit Professional website design It is necessary to have a deep understanding of this field, solid experience and practical experience to be able to find the right website development solutions. 

Design a professional - reputable - effective Real Estate website will help optimize brand coverage. Affirming your brand, increasing competitive opportunities, improving conversion rates, optimizing costs, are factors that make customers trust your business. 

Professional website design

Greensoft bring websites “beyond” your expectations

With more than 5+ years of experience in researching and developing solutions for

Real estate website design

Types of websites Real estate

There are 3 types of real estate websites

Real estate project website

This type of website allows businesses to post detailed information and pictures about one or more completed or in-process real estate projects that are about to be opened for sale in the near future.

Real estate brokerage website

This is a general website with information content such as buying and selling real estate, renting real estate, large projects that have been and are about to be completed, ...

Website for investors

This type of website allows the investor to introduce about the business, about the project, about the achievements that the unit has achieved,... The information provided is always accompanied by information about the company and related information. Contact with the company, the projects are currently doing business at the company.


Real Estate Website What functions are needed?

There are 3 types of real estate websites

Strengths of Greensoft

Why should you choose to design a real estate website at? Greensoft

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WordPress Platform

Using WordPress platform to design real estate website, technology with global trend


Commitment to information security and customer privacy

Customer care

Professional customer care service, enthusiastic advice

Update new website design trends

Update and apply the latest real estate website design trends.

Design website

Update the latest information, knowledge, and trends about the website for you

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Frequently asked questions Real estate website design

Answering questions about real estate website design at Greensoft

Real estate website is one of the most effective advertising tools, maximize customer interaction. Real Anytime customers have a need, they can search website your.

In order for your website to work on the Internet, you need to buy a Domain Name (web address), hosting (where web data is stored), SSL security certificate, etc., and prepare other related content and information. at the request of the web designer. Choosing a package design service at Greensoft, you will not need to worry too much about those complicated issues.

Creating a business website is quite simple, but to ensure the best quality of the web, after 7-10 days Greensoft will hand over the complete website to the customer.

Websites designed at Greensoft are guaranteed for life. In the process of using the website, if you encounter any problems / difficulties, customers will be answered and supported by the Greensoft team 24/7.

With a strict multi-layer security system, installation of SSL security certificates on the web, Greensoft is committed to protecting your website, protecting business information as well as your customer information at the highest level so you can completely You can rest assured to design websites at Greensoft Technology Joint Stock Company.

All website templates of GREENSOFT are used the most advanced Responsive technology that allows good display of information on both PC and mobile devices. So your website will be displayed well on computers, mobile devices and tablets.

In order for the Website to achieve a high position on the search engines, you need to optimize the Website (also known as doing SEO). That is, the Website must:

  1. Search engine friendly
  2. Website content must be valuable and useful to users.
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