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Sales website design

Support shop owners & businesses to increase sales during the epidemic season

Expand customer reach

The shopping trend of users is gradually shifting to online channels to ensure safety and distance during the epidemic season. Having a sales website, the shop owner will easily deploy to push orders and ship goods online.

Increase the effectiveness of advertising activities

Thanks to stability and security, all online advertising activities are website-centered. Professional website design will increase SEO efficiency and ad conversions.

Build reputation and brand

Help you build your brand image. A professional sales website will help you make an impression and penetrate the subconscious of customers, making customers prioritize your products instead of competitors.

24/7 Customer Care Support

Customers can view and place orders at any time of the day, and you can advise customers 24/7 right on the website. From there, your revenue will increase rapidly.

Optimize SEO & Advertising efficiency

Reach the right customers who want to buy products and services

For example: Type the keyword "seo services in Quy Nhon", the top websites (1, 2, 3 … 10) will be viewed by customers immediately.

Save advertising and marketing costs

Running FB Ads or Google Adwords requires regular payment, while SEO only needs initial capital. According to the survey, SEO helps businesses save 30-60% costs.

SEO helps long-term and sustainable rankings

If SEO is right, user-centered, and always brings useful content, you will stay on the top of google for a long time. At that time, you will not only be able to sell, but also not have to pay for advertising.

Building a brand for your business

If your website is on the top of Google, the more people know it, and a website in a high position, it is like a leading brand in this field.

Design a sales website with superior technology and distinctive features

Design a sales website to help sell 24/7

Integrated online contact button

All customer questions will be answered quickly, not only helping you to score points in the eyes of customers but also increasing the ability to close orders. You will be able to use online contact software such as: Phone, Messenger, Zalo chat, ... to help shop owners chat with customers right on the website or phone whenever.

Automated ordering

Your customers can place an order on the website at any time. Therefore, creating a website with a fully automatic ordering function will help customers own their favorite items after just a few simple steps without having to waste time calling or texting the shop owner.

Increase the success rate of closing orders

With the order checking feature, will help you collect customer information even if they have not completed the order. From this information, you can send email marketing, promotional coupons, etc., from which to deploy some forms of consulting customers to choose the product "complete the order" to increase sales for the shop.

Sales website design process

With just 5 simple steps below, you have a professional sales website

Receive requests, consult interface samples

Customers provide requirements, functions, we will advise the appropriate website interface. Deadline for implementation and deadline for completion. Design cost pile.

Website interface design

Conduct website design according to customer requirements, continuously update design items for customers to monitor progress.

Complete and hand over the website

Complete website interface according to customer requirements. Pay remaining expenses. Handing over and guiding customers to use

Post products

After receiving the website, customers will be guided directly to be able to post the first products on their website.

Ready to sell

After posting the product, the customer's website is ready to go. Customers can start an effective online business from here.

Get a quote Sales web design

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Frequently asked questions when designing a sales website

A sales website is your store on the internet. Where you can introduce your products and services to people in need and they can proceed with your purchase right on the website without going to the store.
Therefore, your sales website needs to show full information about products, services, contact information as well as tools for ordering and paying online.

Any business or individual doing business also needs to design a sales website because the website helps promote products or businesses 24/7. Besides selling on the website, it also helps you to expand your opportunities to find customers and partners.

Website completion time is from 3-7 days. To make the process of making a sales website quick and convenient, you need to prepare and provide the following documents:
– Company and store logo (if any)
– Sharp image of the store/business, products and services you provide
– All information, introductory articles about Products, Services, Partners, ... that you want to put on the website.

Absolutely, right after installing the template successfully, the technician will contact you to guide you on how to use the website so that you can change the logo, color, and content to suit your needs.

In the process of using this website template, you still have to ask for a user manual if you still find it difficult, the technician will support you 24/7.

Sure, You own Hosting means that you will have full rights to your website data.

All website templates of GREENSOFT are used the most advanced Responsive technology that allows good display of information on both PC and mobile devices. So your website will be displayed well on computers, mobile devices and tablets.

Use is very simple. GREENSOFT supports and guides enthusiastically before operating. Our website administration interface is also meticulously designed, very easy to manipulate.

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