What is a landing page?

Landing page is a single website. Users will drag/roll the mouse from top to bottom to view information. This single site could be:
– The pop-up section appears when accessing the website. This page often introduces information about promotions, events…
– An independent website (website has its own domain name, consisting of only one page)
– A page of a website
– A subdomain/extension domain (subdomain) of a domain name

Benefits of designing a Landing Page

– Help website increase traffic: landing page directs viewers to the homepage, information registration page or product sale.
– Improve sales: thanks to the landing page, customers better understand the product/service and quickly make a purchase decision.
– Strengthen business reputation, raise brand awareness: in case your business sells many products or implements many projects, the landing page makes advertising easier. You cannot present all the information on a website to every audience. Landing page will help you find the right potential customers and provide accurate and clear information about the products/services they are interested in.
– Easily collect customer information through the form of email registration, receive e-book, receive promotional news ... in the fastest and most comfortable way.

5 steps to design a landing page

Step 1

Determine the target

Step 2

Content building

Step 3

Design the theme

Step 4


Step 5

Index measurement

2 types of Landing Pages are commonly used

Landing Page short style

Landing Pages for short sales are suitable for pages that only sell one product or groups of customers that make quick purchasing decisions.
Most of the content on the page will focus on images, videos, features, product prices to be able to close the order immediately. In addition, there are purchase policies, feedback, ... to improve the conversion rate.

Landing Page long style

Long-form sales landing pages will be suitable for industries, services or high-value products or products where customers need a lot of information to make a buying decision. The content on the landing page will be designed in detail to convince customers in the most optimal way.
For example: Introduction (Intro), Customer Benefits, Features, Details, CTA (Call-To-Action: Call-to-Action), Order Form, Footer.

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