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Absolute security and safety
Professional service 24/7

Email server solutions packages

>> Risks when using Email service of providers without telecommunications license (*) <<

– Inability to finance long-term operation.
Insufficient technical capacity to ensure service quality.
Inability to ensure information safety and security.
– The service can be stopped at any time, so the MIC checks and detects that the service provider has not been licensed.

EMAIL 247 start

x 36 months
38.000D x 12 months
34.200D x 24 months
Compare function

EMAIL 247 Plus

x 36 months
75.000D x 12 months
67.500D x 24 months
Compare function

Email 247 Business

x 36 months
237.000D x 12 months
213.300D x 24 months
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Premium standards built specifically for customers


We are always committed to stable and highest quality with uptime up to 99%.

Decentralized management

We are always committed to stable and highest quality with uptime up to 99%.

Premium mailbox

We are always committed to stable and highest quality with uptime up to 99%.

Safety and security

We are always committed to stable and highest quality with uptime up to 99%.

Clean IP address

We are always committed to stable and highest quality with uptime up to 99%.

Free data transfer from other places

We are always committed to stable and highest quality with uptime up to 99%.

Things you have never experienced when using our Email solution

Feel the difference when you use our email solution

Work anywhere and compatible with any device from mobile, browser, PC, laptop.

Email Server experts with more than 20 years of experience are enthusiastic and dedicated, handling and solving all problems quickly to help Email always be smooth.

Use service with good price of Vietnamese supplier but enjoy international quality.

Monitor their employees in sending and receiving exchanges with customers to prevent information loss.

Solution package comparison table

Service pack
20 GB
50 GB
100 GB
Email address
Email forwarder
Auto Responder
Mail list
Park domain
SSL encryption
SSL encryption
SSL encryption
SSL encryption
2-factor authentication
Activesync support
Administration hierarchy
Personalized self-management
Monitor usage
Actively monitor Log SMTP
Actively monitor employee email
Actively add blacklist/Whitelist
Actively adjust spam filters
Email recall
Schedule email delivery
Send email reminder
WebMail Pro interface
Signature design
Vietnamese language Webmail
Anti-Spam Tool
SpamAssassin & EAP Gateway
SpamAssassin & EAP Gateway
SpamAssassin & EAP Gateway
Antivirus For Server
High Speed Line
SPF/ DKIM/ DomainKeys
SPF / DKIM / DomainKeys
SPF / DKIM / DomainKeys
SPF / DKIM / DomainKeys
MX Backup
Backup SMTP
SMTP Backup
SMTP Backup
SMTP Backup
Free backup of data for the last 6 months
Free backup of data for the last 6 months
Free backup of data for the last 6 months

Frequently asked questions

While Personal Email is just a single individual's email account, usually it will follow the domain name from the provider such as @gmail.com, @yahoo.vn, look very personalized, not representative represents a business and cannot manage domain names.
Email Server is a server system designed specifically according to the domain name of the enterprise, bringing reliability, stability, fast speed, high data recovery ability, ensuring information data safety.

- Fully supports the trust factors when sending mail such as spf, dkim, dmarc, PTR ...
– Always have multiple SMTP backups available to ensure error-free outgoing mail
– Support CatchAll feature to install Offline Email
– Support Activesync connection, administrative decentralization, personalized self-management, usage monitoring
– Actively monitor Log SMTP, monitor employee mail, add Blacklist/Whitelist, adjust spam filter
– Supports the use of paid SSL protocols to ensure more security
– Support digital signature to avoid email fraud
– Simple, easy-to-use control panel and WebMail Pro interface – Use Email on multiple platforms such as Webmail, Outlook, Gmail, Mobile…
- Mail recall feature, mailing schedule, sending reminder mail

With many choices of Email Server providers on the market, in addition to the basic criteria of Email Server's features, it also has to meet customer needs such as: price, after-sales service or customer care. You need to consider and consider carefully when choosing Email Server service providers using the system through an intermediary or from a 3rd party agent such as Google (Gmail), Microsoft (Office 365)... without choosing vendors to build their own systems. Because then there will be some limitations such as:
– In the process of using often very little (usually about 48 hours) or not directly supported by the provider.
– The supplier cannot directly intervene in the system to handle the problem, but must go through a 3rd party for support, causing disruption & time consuming.
– Registration costs will often be higher than those that build the system themselves.
– Can only be used according to fixed parameters from a third party, so the supplier cannot build it specifically according to the actual use needs of the business.
– Unable to actively update new security programs regularly.
– Disruption to international transmission lines, broken fiber optic cables will have a great impact on business operations and email transactions.

– Email Server under Own Domain will show professionalism, prestige, increase satisfaction of customers and partners.
- High speed, good security, accompanied by many outstanding utilities.
– Check mail anywhere: At the office (via email browsing software) and at any place (when traveling on business).
– Can customize parameters and functions for each User.
– Data backup system avoids risks such as mistaken deletion, computer virus infection, broken or stolen device.
Monitor and check the content of sending and receiving emails of each employee to prevent information loss.
– Control and prevent spam, fraud, forgery, virus spread internally.
Owning a private, reliable IP address will protect the mail system from blacklist, prevent spam threats in real time.
– Support Email Forwarder feature to set up Email Offline.
– The system is always monitored & supported 24/7 including Holidays and New Year

PA Vietnam is providing 04 packages of Email Server solutions to meet all customer needs:
– Email Server Pro: For Small Business
– Email Server Pro 247: For Small and Medium Enterprises
– Private Email Server: For Medium Enterprises
– Super Email Server: For Large Enterprises

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